with a Drop Collector and Floor Stand (Set)

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How does the Automatic Dispenser work

The panic that arises during pandemics, which makes you constantly think about the following: How to avoid infection with viruses or bacteria that harms the efficiency of workers? How to be concentrated on work only? Large Automatic Dispenser with liquid sanitizer at the entrance to your premises or directly in them will provide the following:

Safety in use

When using the Automatic Dispenser, there is no contact with its surface, which reduces the risk of infection with viruses or bacteria.

Saving sanitizer

Adjusting the dose of sanitizer provides spraying in exactly the amount required for quality hand disinfection. Spraying a dose of sanitizer occurs on the hands only, not the surrounding objects.

Antitheft protection

To avoid theft of sanitizer, the dispenser housing is made of metal. Access to the inner container with antiseptic is securely protected from thieves.

Purpose & scope

The Automatic Dispenser for Sanitizer is used as a spray for disinfection of hands in offices, shops and other places of concentration of people indoors.


Automatic Dispenser with the HDB™ drop collector

Easy to install and use.
The versatility of the device allows you to mount the dispenser on the wall or the floor on a stand.
The housing is metal which consists of the following main parts:
– Batcher with the sensor that during the raising of hands sprays a certain portion of sanitizer;
– Plastic tank with 5 litres (5000 ml) capacity for liquid sanitizer with a neck for filling;
– Control unit;
– Filter for sanitizer cleaning;
– Pump for liquid supply;
– Sanitizer spray dose regulator installed inside the housing (for service personnel) from 0.5 ml to 5 ml;
– Holder and floor weighting compound (for the type of installation of the product on the floor);
– A power adapter with the of 5.5 mm 3A 220B – 12B plug.
The floor stand is made of metal, has a plug adapter for connection to the 220V network.
Net Weight: 10.45 kg
– Dispenser with drip collector and floor stand/set/without liquid and packaging.
Gross Weight: 12.80 kg
– Dispenser with a drop collector, 210*320*450 mm
Gross Weight: 6.0 kg
– Floor stand, 420*420*1030 mm
Gross Weight: 6.8 kg
The number of doses in 5 litres (5000 ml) filled container: 800 to 8000.
Technically, the minimum level of sanitizer for use: 0.5 – 0.7 litres
(Recommended single dosage: from 3 ml)
Colour range: White/Dark Grey
Colour: Customised
The minimum order: 20 pcs.

1. Automatic Dispenser touch with the HDB™ drop collector: 1 pce
2. Droplet Collector: 1 pce
3. 3A 220V/12V Power adapter: 1 pce
4. Technical Passport with Warranty Sheet: 1 pce
5. Floor holder (depending on a complete set): 1 pce 
Packing: a corrugated cardboard box, 450*210*310 mm

1. Carefully unpack the box with the product;
2. Install the product on a flat floor so that there is no direct sunlight from contactless sensors;
3. Unscrew the cap for filling;
4. Using a funnel, pour no more than 5 litres (5000 ml) of sanitizer;
5. Connect the product to the 220V mains via the supplied power adapter;
6. Bring your hands to the product for 2-3 seconds under the arrow, applied on the housing of the dispenser for spraying sanitizer;
7. Rub evenly on the surface of the hands for at least 30 seconds (in case of insufficient fluid, repeat the above steps);
8. Change the spray dose like turn the dose regulator, if necessary.

CAUTION! Do not use the product without the liquid in the tank. Keep the minimum liquid level in the tank (minimum liquid level mark) to prevent sludge from entering the spray system.
Contact the Service Center in case of a dispatcher malfunction, making sure that:
• Housing is not damaged;
• Wiring of the adapter is not damaged, and the plug of the unit itself is securely inserted into the housing and connected to the 220V network;
• The tank has at least a minimum level of sanitizer. 

Warranty period: for 60,000 cycles or twelve (12) calendar months, whichever comes first. The Warranty is valid from the date of sale and the mark in this Data Sheet.

Warranty obligations for the product

1. The Manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the products with the safety requirements, provided that the consumer complies with the rules of use, transport, storage, installation and operation.
2. The Warranty covers all defects caused by the Manufacturer.
3. The Warranty does not cover defects due to the following:
– Violation of transportation, storage, Terms of Use and maintenance of the product;
– Availability of traces of substances aggressive to the materials of the product;
– Availability of damage caused by fire, natural disasters, and the force majeure circumstances;
– Availability of damage due to incorrect actions of the consumer; and
– Availability of traces of foreign interference in the design of the product.
4. The Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the product that do not affect the stated Technical Specifications.

Terms of warranty service:

1. Complaints about the quality of the goods may be filed during the Warranty Period with a Warranty Card, Data Sheet and a document confirming the purchase of the product.
2. Defective products are repaired or exchanged for new ones free of charge during the Warranty Period. The decision to replace or repair is made by the Service Center. The replaced product or its part received as a result of repair, becomes the property of the Service Center.
3. The costs associated with the dismantling, installation and transportation of the defective product during the Warranty Period are not reimbursed to the Buyer.
4. In the case of unfounded claims, the costs of diagnosis and examination are paid by the Buyer.
5. Products are accepted for the Warranty Repair (as well as upon return) fully equipped and without any signs of damage that could be caused by the fault of the Buyer.

When making claims to the quality of the goods, the buyer provides the following documents:

– Statement in any form, which states the following: the name of the organization or name; place of residence (actual address) and phone numbers;
– Brief description of the defect;
– Document confirming the purchase of the product; and
– Original data sheet with warranty card.


Versatility of liquid

Usually, you can use a liquid sanitizer, but under the conditions of pre-adjustment during production also a gel-like sanitizer.

Volume for liquid

The content of the tank for liquid (sanitizer) is 5 litres which will provide from 800 to 8000 doses depending on the spray dose.


Ability to manually adjust the dose of the drop using the regulator on the body: from 0.5 to 5 ml.

Manufacturer's warranty

The buyer receives a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, as well as the possibility of service.


The consultation is provided free of charge online or by phone: +380 67 4958888.

All conversations are recorded to control the quality of services provided. If you do not agree to record the conversation, notify the employee and hang up.


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